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Past and Current Jobs 

GM Bowling Green  (current)

GM Fort Wayne (current)

GM Flint Paint Shop 2015

G.M. Fairfax Paint shop  2014

Chrysler-  Sterling Heights MI. 2012/2013

Nissan- Smyrna TN  oven grillage and mezz  (2012)

Marathon Flare Project, pipe trestle Detroit (2011)

Toyota – San Antonio/Woodstock Ontario (Paint process/Misc)

Honda - Indiana/Alabama (Paint process/Misc)

Nissan – Mississippi (Paint process/Misc)

Mercedes – Alabama (Misc)

BMW – South Carolina (Header beams/Misc)

G.M. – Baltimore (Misc)

U.P.S World Exp. – Louisville (Misc)

Stair towers/Handrail (St. Louis Hospitals/office buildings)

Many shut-down jobs here in Michigan (auto plants)

Kansas City Performing Arts (Misc)